image Goa Diary | Part 1

Not a travel blogger but this trip is something to write about. Seven months of planning, three months of shopping and one month of excruciatingly painful wait later the day was finally upon us. Our first trip together and that too, to Goa! Even the long five hour flight couldn’t dampen our spirits. We stopped by a shack named Rita’s shack on our way to the hotel and had some amazing food there. We tried out their king fish fry, chicken xakuti, masala squid and beer of course. And then finally we checked into our beach resort, Estrela Do Mar at Calangute.





The resort was beautiful. Right over the beach. We got changed and headed over to Titos lane checking out all the cafes. We finally went to Cafe Cape Town. Spent an amazing time drinking, dancing and checking out cute foreigners.



Headed back while we were still in senses and crashed after reaching our room. Next day spent a lazy day at the pool. Nothing could compare to the feeling of your first morning in Goa. Just the thought that you have the entire trip in front of you is enough for the craziness in you to come out.

IMG_20151018_114948 IMG_20151018_115506




After our stomachs started growling, we headed over to Britto’s for lunch. The view from there was so calm and serene. But the food…oh yumm!! It was foodporn, foodgasm, whatever people call it these days. But the cherry on the cake was, well, the cake itself. The desserts there are something I would recommend everyone to try if they visit Britto’s.


Once we were done hogging, we decided to let our adventurous personality come out a bit. We went for water sports. tried out jet skiing and para-sailing. Jet skiing got over before I could realize what was happening. But the para sailing experience was something to remember. The view from up there was breathtaking. Took a mental image of that cause that’s all I could do.





Came back to our room, got changed and again went to Britto’s for dinner. Couldn’t get enough of that place. First two days were bliss. Will write again about the rest of this trip. 🙂

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