Feeling Blue!

Goa was everything that people said it would be and much much more. They say Kashmir is India’s heaven. I would say, if you want a little piece of heaven, go to Goa. I am in love with that place. I have every mind to go there, marry a foreigner, run his shack with him, party till the age my body allows me to and live happily ever after. *sigh!*
Anyway, back to reality. ūüėČ
The only thing that tried to dampen my spirit was the humidity there. Calcutta is nothing in front of Goa in this regard. So for my first day in this absolutely breathtaking place, I went for something bright and cheerful as it reflected my feelings, and something super comfy. Nothing could compare to the joy and the happiness of your first morning at Goa. So I went for this bright pair of chino shorts and this cute graphic tank top from Mango.





I bought a very cool backpack for this trip. Its convenient and looks chic.



I wore a very beachy Joe Black sunglasses to go with this outfit.




Chino shorts : Jealous 21
Tank top : Mango
Backpack : Max
Watch : DKNY
Shades : Joe Black from Jabong
Flip flops : Max


  1. Blue blue goa meeting you

    Sea beckons , sun rays and birds flew

    Take a dip in the blue sea washing ashore

    Wipes out all sorrows and you never get bore

    Enjoy life to the lees

    As the tide washes and boredom flees.

    Fresh feelings brings joy

    Come back to Kolkata with full sail and buoy.


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